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Wellcome to my World

Waking up in the morning, every woman thinks — what I really love about my life is peace. All those disturbances and surprises are worth nothing. My home, my family and career are much more important than those unexpected changes…


You believe that?

Neither does she.

And you know why?

Because that’s a lie.


   90 % of what we think depends on what we see. Even the happiest woman doesn’t know what she wants until she sees it. To find yourself, your emotional DNA, you need to look around…


…And eventually you gaze at the painting. No matter what, no matter when — any picture has a chance to blow your mind. Moreover — if from millions of pictures you stare at this one, then, in a sense, you’ve already said yes to it. Because nothing in life happens by chance.


I realized it when I became an artist.


   My iPhone holds gigabytes of personal photos: my family, my friends, the sky and nature. Like all of us, I value these shots a lot. But do they possess the same value to all the other people? And now just imagine that my iPhone memory holds not just common photos, but the molecules of mountains, oceans, wind and sun, seeds of happiness and sadness, embryos of love and hatred. The genes of human emotions. Your emotions.


   My name is Alan, and I don’t want to tell the world about myself. I want to share my revelation with you.


   One day I found out that my iPhone could have a soul. It’s not just stylish accessory, but animated device which helps me to show you the DNA of nature and human feelings. My pictures come into the world from the iPhone screen and inhabit canvas, wood, leather, silk, marble and other materials.


   You don’t need to understand my works — you’ve got to feel them. Some paintings absorb negative emotions, the others evoke strength and energy or heal mental wounds. …Look at the picture and catch your first emotion. Like the first love, it couldn’t be wrong. When you choose the painting, don't trust artist’s reputation or regalia — trust your feelings. Your attitude of mind could change, like the light playing on the fringes of brilliant, but your choice is your private privilege, which brings your self-consciousness, fresh view and new impressions.


Don’t hurry, take a time to look narrowly at the mirrors of my paintings — and you’ll certainly see the reflection of your emotional DNA in them.





Alan is a contemporary artist. His creative style is concentrated around the nature and its bursting diversity.


Since 1996 works as photographer, director, producer, designer and artist.


Born 25.11.1978


Married, son.